🧡Most beautiful squares in Granada – 3 Routes


It is difficult to choose which are the most beautiful corners of Granada, as well as to select which are the most beautiful squares in Granada.

In this post we review all the squares that have a special charm, as well as several routes on foot to be able to visit and enjoy them.

Squares that have remained throughout history, that house emblematic buildings, anecdotes from the past and that today offer us some of the most pleasant places in the city.

You are going to love each one of them!

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The most beautiful squares in the center of Granada

If you are wondering what are the best things to do in Granada, both the squares in the historic center and those in other picturesque neighborhoods such as Realejo or Albaicín, are a basic element in your visit.

We are going to start with a route through the squares in the center of Granada, where not only the historical value is always present, but they also constitute some of the most charming places in the city.

The order of our route would be the following:

1.Plaza del Humilladero

It is not one of the most touristy, but it is a very beautiful square that begins the part of the historic center. Therefore, it can serve as the first point of our route through the best squares in Granada.

It is a square where you can find the Fuente de las Granadas, the Paseo del Salón begins and where various activities, markets, exhibitions are usually organized … You can even get on a Ferris wheel at Christmas.

2.Plaza Mariana Pineda

It is a central but quiet square, where you can sit on a bench to rest or have a coffee with churros in the classic “Café Fútbol”, a well-known cafeteria in the city that has been serving since 1922.

However, it is a place with great historical roots, since in the central part is the sculpture of Mariana Pineda, a Spanish liberal and famous Granada heroine who after embroidering the words “Equality, Freedom and Law” on a flag, was murdered with a vile stick in 1831.

In addition, some excavations carried out in this place also affirmed that Arabs and Romans previously settled here.

3.Plaza del Campillo

The Plaza del Campillo is known for its central location, but above all because here is the emblematic Fountain of the Battles, in the Baroque style, and named for being the place where the city’s army met in the Middle Ages, to pass magazine.

Today it is also the place where Granada CF celebrates its victories.

It is a square that is a place of passage, and where you can find benches to sit on, a newsagent, ice cream shops and bars. The Isabel la Católica Theater is also located here.

4.Plaza Isabel la Católica

It is one of the best-known and most popular squares in Granada, as it is right in the center and on the way to some of the most touristic places, connecting Plaza Nueva, Puerta Real and Gran Vía.

In addition, it represents one of the most important moments in our history, the Capitulations of Santa Fe. In this way, in the present sculpture you can see Christopher Columbus in front of Isabel la Real at the time of the agreement for the expedition to the West.

You will always see this square full of groups of people, as it is usually the meeting point of many routes and tourist tours around Granada.

5.Plaza Nueva

Do not pay attention to its name, because in reality, it is considered the oldest square in Granada. In addition, it is located in one of the most tourist and visited points, so your visit here is essential!

It is the square that connects the city center, Calle Elvira, the Albaicín, the well-known Paseo de los Tristes and the Alhambra Forest.

In it are the Santa Ana and San Gil Church and the Real Chancillería, as well as several cafes, tapas bars, shops and restaurants.

6.Plaza Bib Rambla

Also known as the Plaza de Bibarrambla. It is one of the most beautiful squares in Granada.

Very central, here are numerous restaurants, the Fountain of the Giants from the seventeenth century and beautiful views of the tower of the Cathedral.

Its origin is Nasrid and it has taken on an important place over the centuries.

Today it is one of the most atmospheric squares in Granada and where craft stalls, activities for children or even a large Christmas tree are usually located.

7.Plaza de las Pasiegas

It is another of the most important squares in Granada, in addition to being very central and being one of the most visited.

And it is that right here the main facade of the Cathedral is located, in addition to some shops, restaurants and cafes.

Usually there are street musicians and a non-stop of people coming and going

We encourage you to sit on its stairs and enjoy the good atmosphere!

8.Plaza de la Romanilla

For us it is one of the most charming squares in Granada. It is still quite touristy, as it is located in the historic center, close to the Cathedral and other very busy squares, such as Bib-Rambla.

Right here are the Federico García Lorca Cultural Center, but also the monument to the water carrier, some well-known restaurants, tapas bars and traditional shops.

Its name comes from the markets that existed here and from the small Roman scale to weigh the products, popularly called La Romanilla.

Do not forget to walk through this square, among its palm trees and observe a beautiful view of one of the towers of the Cathedral. If you continue along Calle San Jerónimo, you will also arrive at the Plaza de la Universidad, a less touristy and small square, but very beautiful and where the Law School is located.

9.Plaza Trinidad

This square is a little less touristy than others. However, it is always full of people, as it is located around the main shopping streets of the capital; Mesones Street, Alhóndiga Street or Tablas Street.

In addition, it has some tapas bars.

It is a very nice and quiet place, where you can just sit on a bench to rest.

The only downside is that sometimes, birds flood its lush trees, making visitors a bit uncomfortable.

The most beautiful squares in Realejo

El Realejo is the old Jewish quarter of Granada, where they lived in harmony with Muslims and Christians until the capture of the capital by the Catholic Monarchs, when they were expelled.

The neighborhood is located near the center of the city, with very Granada, cobbled and somewhat labyrinthine streets, as well as some of the most beautiful corners.

In a small route through the Realejo squares of Granada, we will include the following:

1.Plaza de Santo Domingo

It is so called because it is where the Santo Domingo Church is located, ordered to be built by the Catholic Monarchs around 1512. Right in the center of the Plaza is located the statue of Fray Luis de Granada, writer of the Dominican Order belonging to the Century of Spanish Gold.

This small and cozy square is surrounded by shops and bars and is close to Plaza de Isabel la Católica, so you can walk here in about 5 minutes.

2.Plaza Campo del Príncipe

Perhaps the most famous square in Realejo and one of the best squares in Granada. Actually, in Nasrid times, this place was known as Campo de la Loma and it has always been used for various festivities.

In this emblematic and cobbled square you can see the Cristo de los Favores, from whom there is a tradition of asking for 3 favors on Good Friday, an octagonal fountain, some El Niño de las Pinturas graffiti and numerous well-known bars and restaurants in the city.

It is, without a doubt, a must-see space in this neighborhood and an ideal place to have a drink, have some tapas or eat in Granada.

From here you can see a beautiful view of the Alhambra Palace Hotel and also access through some slopes to the Alhambra enclosure.

The most beautiful squares in Albaicín

In case you didn’t know, the Albaicín neighborhood is the oldest neighborhood in Granada and probably the most beautiful and particular. It is also especially peculiar due to its narrow and cobbled streets.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it contains many of the essential places that every visitor should include on their route, many with incredible views of the Alhambra.

If you want to know things to do in Albaicín of Granada, visit our post. Of course, its squares are one of the highlights, the following being the most important:

1.Plaza de San Gregorio

The Plaza de San Gregorio is located at the top of the famous Calle Caldelería Nueva or “Calle de las Teterías”, so it is a place with a lot of atmosphere, music and a non-stop of people who come and go.

It really is a very small square and incidentally, presided over by the Convent of San Gregorio Bético, and if you take a walking route through Granada, you will surely walk through here to reach Calle Elvira, the Mirador de San Nicolás, the Cuesta del Chapiz or the Plaza de San Miguel Bajo, among others.

2.Placeta de Carvajales

It is a charming Placeta in Granada, which we have already included as one of the best viewpoints in Granada to see the Alhambra. And it is that from here you can see some beautiful views of the monument.

This square is located in the lower Albaicín, near the historic center, and is worth visiting, both during the day and at night. During the day it has trees that provide shade and at night it gains a lot of charm when the lights of the Alhambra are reflected on its ditch.

Do not forget to include it in your route through the Albaicín!

3.Placeta de San Miguel Bajo

It is so called because it is presided over by the Church of San Miguel Bajo, in the Mudejar style and built on an old mosque. You can also see in one corner the cross of Cristo de las Azucenas.

It is a cobbled square and very popular to eat or have tapas in one of its bars with a terrace, offering a very quiet and pleasant atmosphere.

It is only a 15-minute walk from the center of Granada, although access is through a slope that at the same time leaves spectacular views of the city (Mirador Ojo de Granada).

4.Plaza Larga

It is one of the most famous squares in Granada and one of the most popular and popular in the Albaicín. Here there are several bars, there are usually markets and it is a reference place in the Cruz de Mayo festivities.

But the highlight is the Arco de las Pesas, one of the access points of the old zirí wall and where you will pass if you access here from the Mirador de San Nicolás.

5.Plaza Victoria

It is one of the little-known squares in Granada and the Albaicín, but that does not mean that it does not offer magnificent views of the Alhambra.

You can get here through the Cuesta del Chapiz and on the way to the Mirador de San Nicolás. Recommended map in hand 😉

Therefore, if you are looking for less touristy places in Granada, sign up for this square!

We hope we have provided you with one of the most complete guides on the most beautiful squares in Granada and that you enjoy them as much as we usually do.

Would you include any other square in this list?

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