12 Best viewspoints in Granada to see the Alhambra


One of the tourist attractions of Granada, are undoubtedly the viewpoints. And not just for tourists. Finding a pleasant place to contemplate the great beauty of the Alhambra in its different perspectives is one of the most special activities in the city. How about we review where are the best viewspoints in Granada to see the Alhambra?

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Where are the best viewpoints in Granada with views of the Alhambra?

If you are looking for viewpoints of Granada from where to see the Alhambra, in the following list we see those that you cannot miss; the most popular viewpoints, little-known viewpoints, viewpoints with access on foot, viewpoints of Granada to go by car, charming viewpoints in Granada …

In short, viewpoints from which to see one of the most important monuments of our country and from different perspectives.

Mirador de San Nicolás

You have surely seen this image on numerous occasions. And it is the most famous viewpoint in Granada to see a spectacular view of the Alhambra in front of the Sierra Nevada and with the city under its feet.

It is located in the Albaicín neighborhood and you can access it on foot or by bus.

Walking through the popular Calle de las teterías or from the Cuesta del Chapiz (we advise you to check the route beforehand if you do not know the Albaicín). And by bus with line C31 or C32.

Being the best known also means being the most touristy and frequented. Without a doubt, you should not miss its atmosphere, especially at sunset, but also, do not miss seeing so many other viewpoints of Granada!

Mirador Mezquita Mayor de Granada

Right next to the Mirador de San Nicolás, is the Great Mosque of Granada. This is preceded by a beautiful patio with free access from where you can see one of the most wonderful and pleasant views.

It is also quite popular, but if you go up the Albaicín, this will be one of the must-see places.

Therefore, it is another of the best viewpoints of Granada in the Albaicín with views of the Alhambra.

Mirador Placeta de Carvajales

Also popular, but less known than other viewpoints, is the Mirador de Carvajales, from where you can see beautiful views of the Alhambra from below.

This viewpoint is located in the lower Albaicín, near the historic center, and is worth visiting, both during the day and at night. During the day it has trees that provide shade and at night it gains a lot of charm when the lights of the Alhambra are reflected on its ditch.

Mirador Carmen de la Victoria

El Carmen de la Victoria is a building owned by the University of Granada, which is located in the heart of Albaicín and which, in addition to beautiful views of the Alhambra, has, like all Carmenes, gardens, fountains, orchard …

Admission is free, although you must knock on the door to access, and once there you can simply enjoy the place, or also have a drink in the cafeteria.

Don’t miss this plan!


Mirador Paseo de los Tristes

The Paseo de los Tristes is probably one of the most beautiful corners of Granada.

And it is that its enclave is unique, because this cobbled walk along the Darro River and with several bridges over it, leaves wonderful views of the Alhambra from below, as well as the vegetation on its hillside and the old and legendary “Hotel Reúma“.

Forced to go here!

Did you know that it is actually called Paseo del Padre Manjón? Due to the fact that for decades the deceased were said goodbye to this street and to the cemetery, it ended up being popularly called Paseo de los Tristes, and that is how it is known today.

We could not tell you if this viewpoint has more spell during the day or at night 🙂

Mirador de San Miguel Alto

Although it is less accessible than other viewpoints, it is undoubtedly one of the best viewpoints in Granada to see the Alhambra and the city from a bird’s eye view.

Therefore, if you have to choose between which viewpoint to visit, we recommend that you leave a gap in your route to go up here and stop for as long as you need to observe the entire city and its surroundings, you will love it!

In addition, there will be an atmosphere of people and music to make it even more authentic.

In the same viewpoint is the Hermitage of San Miguel Alto, and you can access here by walking uphill through the Albaicín or by vehicle through the Camino de la Ermita.

Mirador Silla del Moro

If you are going to visit the Alhambra, you can stop by this viewpoint of Granada that is in the surroundings of the monument.

The Mirador del Moro is also known as Castillo de Santa Elena and at the time it was a construction of surveillance and protection for the Generalife, since it is located in the heart of the Dehesa del Generalife.

Access is free, and from here you can see the Alhambra up close, surrounded by forest and over the entire city.

Have you already written it down on your route through Granada?

Mirador Vereda de Enmedio

From the Sacromonte neighborhood of Granada, there are also good views of the Alhambra. For example, the Mirador del la Vereda de Enmedio is one of the recommended places.

It is one of the little-known viewpoints of Granada to see the Alhambra and that also has a lot of charm.

Tourists do not usually come here, so it becomes a quiet place to sit, relax, observe and photograph its views.


Mirador Abadía del Sacromonte

The Sacromonte neighborhood is one of the essential places to visit in Granada. Besides being able to enjoy flamenco shows, you can also visit the Cuevas del Sacromonte Museum or the Sacromonte Abbey.

Right here you can contemplate a wonderful perspective of the Alhambra and the Valparaíso Valley that is well worth it.

To enjoy these views you will have to walk through the Camino del Sacromonte or by vehicle through the Camino Viejo del Fargue, in the surroundings of the city.

If you choose the option of walking, it will be a great route to get to know this area of ​​Granada, but keep in mind that from the center of Granada it takes about 40 minutes on foot.

Mirador de San Cristobal

In front of the Church of San Cristobal and in the upper part of the Albaicín, you can also enjoy this other viewpoint that, although it offers a partial view of the Alhambra, is one of the best known in Granada. Also from here you can see the 11th century Zirid wall and Sierra Nevada in the background.

Therefore, its views are very different from those of other viewpoints, but without a doubt, it is worth going here and witnessing a sunset.

You can get there on foot, through the Arco de Elvira and the Cuesta de la Bashaca or by vehicle through the Carretera de Murcia (although there is little parking in this area).


Mirador de la Lola

If you are looking for a secret viewpoint of Granada from where you can see the Alhambra and all its surroundings from its upper part, and where tourists do not usually go, sign up for this, the Mirador de la Lola.

It is a place outside the city, in nature, without crowds and that can only be accessed on foot. From the Mirador or Ermita de San Miguel Alto you will find a path that will take you here in about 5 minutes on foot.

Mirador de Santa Isabel la Real

Not by leaving it in last place, you have to discredit this other viewpoint of Granada to see the Alhambra.

Next to the Monastery of Isabel la Real, in the Albaicín neighborhood and close to the Mirador de San Nicolás, is the Placeta Cristo Azucenas, a quiet and silent square from which to see a magnificent picture of the Alhambra with the entire Sierra Nevada behind .

It is a pleasant place, with seats, fountains and cobblestone floors in Granada, where you can relax, read, sunbathe, photograph … So this viewpoint is a great plan!


3 Best viewpoints routes to see the Alhambra

Therefore, making a summary of where are the best viewspoints in Granada to see the Alhambra, we can separate them into several routes through Granada according to the area where they are:

Lower Albaicín Viewpoints Route

Mirador Paseo de los Tristes – Mirador Carmen de la Victoria – Mirador Mezquita Mayor de Granada – Mirador de San Nicolás – Mirador Santa Isabel la Real – Mirador Placeta de Carvajales.

High Albaicín Viewpoints Route

Mirador de San Cristobal – Mirador de San Miguel Alto – Mirador de la Lola.

Albaicín – Sacromonte viewpoints route

Mirador Silla del Moro (a través de la Cuesta de los Chinos en el recinto de la Alhambra) – Mirador Paseo de los Tristes – Mirador Carmen de la Victoria – Mirador Vereda de Enmedio – Mirador Abadía del Sacromonte.

Likewise, there are many other corners from where you can see the Alhambra in all its splendor. Private places, such as hotels, historical buildings, carmenes, restaurants … Especially in the Albaicín neighborhood.

Where are you going to enjoy the views of the eighth wonder of the world?

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