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When is the best time to visit Granada? Best and worst months!


If you are preparing your next getaway and you are wondering when to visit Granada or when is the best time to visit Granada, in this post we want to guide you on which are the best and worst months, as well as what to see and do in each of them.

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Visiting Granada: best and worst dates

We always tell you that you should visit Granada at least once in your life (although we wish there were many more), although we can also tell you that depending on the date you come, your experience may be very different.

You can really see Granada at any time, because in each of them you can get a different version of the capital. However, there are some dates in which most visitors agree as better or worse for it.

If knowing when to go to Granada in Spain is a question you have, we will try to solve it with this information.

When is the best time to visit Granada?

Many define the climate of this city as extreme, since we have a very cold winter and a very hot summer.

On the other hand, Granada is one of the cities with the greatest temperature difference between day and night.

Therefore, we can say that the mildest times of the year, Spring and Autumn, are usually the best time to visit Granada. That is, the months of March, April, May, September, October and even November.

These dates will be more than ideal if you come to do both cultural tourism and leisure tourism, hiking trails, nature activities or guided tours.

In addition, they are ideal dates to visit the towns of the Alpujarra in Granada, and of course, if you are also wondering when is the best time to visit the Alhambra, these months are ideal (as long as you buy tickets well in advance).

As the temperature is good, Spring and Autumn is when more music festivals are usually scheduled, such as Granada Sound or En Órbita. Another of the attractions of the city with no doubt!

On the other hand, you will find that everything is more crowded (monuments, entrances, streets, restaurants, hotels…) And it will not be a good time if you are looking for snow in Sierra Nevada.

when is the best time to visit Granada

When is the worst time to visit Granada?

That said, the worst time to visit Granada would be the months of midwinter and midsummer.

In particular, the months of July and August are the ones with the least activity in the capital, since it is common to reach 40º-42º on a daily basis and many establishments close for holidays.

In these months we can recommend you to visit the best beaches in Granada, on the Costa Tropical, which are less than an hour by highway from the capital.

January and February are usually cold months and this may stop you from embarking on a getaway to Granada, but on the contrary they are ideal months if you are looking for sports or entertainment activities in the snow of Sierra Nevada or if you prefer to visit Granada without crowds.

So, when to visit Granada?

So, besides all we have said before, we cannot forget that it is a very touristic city and therefore, the dates indicated as Christmas, Easter, bridges and holidays (such as the Bridge of Andalusia on February 28, the Day of the Cross on May 3 or the Corpus Fair in June) is usually very crowded and you probably need more time in advance to book hotels, restaurants or activities.

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