Top 10 best hiking trails near Granada city


If you are a nature lover and you are walking in Granada, you are undoubtedly in luck, as the capital is surrounded by a spectacular landscape, with very good routes for all levels. Trails, suspension bridges, rivers, caves, peaks, charming villages, viewpoints … Stay and enjoy the best hiking trails near Granada capital.

Best hiking trails near Granada city

Practically all the surroundings of the capital of Granada are full of routes through nature, some simpler than others, some closer to the city than others, some of a few kilometers and others considerably long and more complex …

The truth is that there is something for all tastes and audiences, making it difficult to decide which are the best hiking routes in Granada.

Still, we are going to review the most popular and special ones. Those that you can do on the same day starting from the capital and enjoying the magnificent ecosystem that we have.

Shall we start?

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Vereda de la Estrella

We start with what is for many the best hiking route in Granada. It is a route whose starting point is in the small town of Güejar Sierra, a mountain town just 25 km from the capital.

It is a route of 10 linear kilometers (3-4 hours one way), with a gentle slope, which ascends over the Genil River and culminates in the heart of Sierra Nevada.

We recommend you to do this hiking route, especially in Autumn or Spring, to enjoy the scenery and the wildest vegetation of the mountains. Although it can really be done at any time of the year (in winter caution is recommended, as there may be ice).

The path always stays to the right of the riverbed. In this way, ash trees, chestnut trees, oaks and maples cling to the river valley, allowing a path to advance that served to transport copper and silver ore from the Estrella and La Probadora Mines in cavalry.

Some points of interest on the trail are, «El abuelo», a centenary chestnut tree, the impressive views of the peaks of the Alcazaba and the Mulhacén, the Guarnón River or the junction of the Valdecasillas and Valdeinfierno rivers.

Finally, we recommend that you prepare your route in advance, as there is no mobile coverage along the way.

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Los Cahorros de Monachil

Los Cahorros de Monachil is another of the best routes near Granada city. It is also ideal for families or children.

It is a simple and circular route, only 4km long, that runs through the Los Cahorros gorge, in the municipality of Monachil, just 11 km from the center of the city of Granada. It is divided into High Cahorros and Low Cahorros.

It is popular both for the beautiful natural environment that surrounds it, as well as for the route itself, which passes through caves, waterfalls and several very “photographic” suspension bridges. It is also considered an ideal place to practice climbing.

You can start the Cahorros de Monachil hiking route from the same picturesque town, although right at the beginning of the trail there is an esplanade enabled as a parking lot.

You can do the route on your own, or you can also do a guided route through the Cahorros de Monachil starting from Granada capital.

Also, we suggest you finish the tourist day by visiting the same town of Monachil, one of the towns in Granada that are close to the capital, located between mountains and where the Monachil River itself passes.

Would you like to have a “Cahorros de Monachil” guided tour? See here… image

Cerrada del Río Castril

A little further route from the Granada capital, but also one of the most beautiful, easier and ideal to do during all the year.

It is located in the town of Castril, in the northeast of the province, and runs mostly along a wooden walkway over the Castril river, a suspension bridge and a tunnel.

This route near Granada perfect to do with children (not to go with buggy) is short, enjoyable and can also be done with pets. In total there are 2.2 km with 90 meters of unevenness, which can be covered perfectly in 1 hour.

We leave you with a short video so you can get an idea.

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Mamut trail

Are you looking for a simple hiking route to do in Granada with children?

One option that never fails is as a route to do near Granada is the Mammoth Route, within the Mamut Tourist Park, less than 20 km from the capital.

It is a circular road 8.3 km long and that runs through the famous wetlands of the town of El Padul. It is one of the most famous routes that can be done in the Lecrín Valley.

The route runs along a wooden path, passing through various viewpoints, rest areas and ending in the Aguadero Nature Classroom, where the sculptures of a mammoth and a tiger are found.

And where does its name come from?

The name of the Mammoth Route comes from the discovery in the 1980s of the prehistoric remains of a woolly mammoth.

It is recommended to do this route in Autumn or Spring, when migratory birds pass by.

Although this is the most famous route in the tourist park, here you can also do the Woolly Rhino Trail and the Saber Tooth Tiger Trail. Both suitable and highly recommended to do with the family and children, as it gives them knowledge of our prehistory while enjoying the outdoors. image

Gollizno trail, Moclín

If you want to take a route in a natural setting full of history, we recommend choosing this circular route that starts from the Granada town of Moclín, about 35 km from Granada.

It is a route of about 8 km, with little unevenness and that can be done at any time of the year. Therefore, it is a fantastic route to do with family, children, partner, friends …

It begins at Calle Real de Moclín, to later cross walkways and bridges through the Tajos de la Hoz, through caves with cave paintings, through viewpoints, through the town of Olivares and through the Castle and Wall of Moclín.

The town of Moclín is a reflection of its strategic location and the importance of this area in the past. Doing this hiking route near Granada, you will realize it.

To understand this historical past and enjoy the experience, we recommend you book the guided and organized Gollizno route.

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Valle del Poqueira

The Poqueira River Valley is located in the Alpujarra, a natural place worth visiting on your getaway to Granada.

The Poqueira Valley route is a circular route that begins in the popular Alpujarra town of Pampaneira, to continue towards Bubión and finally through Capileira.

In total, there are about 10km of road that passes through both sides of the Barranco del Poqueira, but taking into account the unevenness of the terrain and the beauty of the towns through which it passes, it probably extends a little more in time.

And it is that this route that can be done at any time of the year, allows the hiker to enjoy one of the most beautiful corners of our country.

And after doing it, what if you finish the route with a strong Alpujarra dish? image


Another of the hiking routes to do in the Alpujarra of Granada is the circular of Lanjarón, the town where the trail begins and ends.

It is a route of about 12 km and of low intensity, so it is considered perfect for hikers with little experience but who want to enjoy this fantastic natural setting.

The route runs through the main places in the town of Lanjarón and through the spectacular surroundings of the river with the same name. It passes through the old town, past several hermitages, fountains, ditches, the Castle of Lanjarón and along the “Tajo Colorado”, where among chestnut trees, you can spot kestrels or mountain goats.

It can be done at any time of the year, although in the warmer months it is advisable to choose the cooler times.

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Tajos de la Alhama

The Tajos de la Alhama Natural Monument is located in a privileged natural setting, which is why this is considered another of the best hiking trails in Granada province.

The route of easy difficulty, about 9km long, begins and ends in the famous and prestigious spa located in the town of Alhama de Granada, so it is a circular path.

It runs along the course of the river to the dam, and you will pass, among other things, by a Roman bridge, an old ditch, an old flour factory, several natural viewpoints, a wooden bridge or a bird observatory.

A route that, without a doubt, leaves spectacular views of the Tajos complex and the beautiful city of Alhama elevated on a rock.

Therefore, this hiking route, which although it is located about 60km from the capital of Granada and already bordering the province of Malaga, is well worth it! image

Silleta del Padul and Piedra Ventana

Along with the Mamut route mentioned above, it is considered another of the best routes in the Lecrín Valley, which crosses different low and medium mountain landscapes.

Its most popular point is Piedra Ventana, an impressive arched rock formation from which you can see the Vega de Granada, the peaks of Corazón de la Sandía and Trevenque, the Alayos de Dílar and the Lecrín Valley.

But the route also passes through the Puerto de Mala Mujer, the Silleta del Padul, as well as several foretal roads.

It is a circular route of about 14.5 km, with a moderate slope and that starts near the Hermitage of the Virgen de las Nieves, in the town of Dílar. It can be done at any time of the year. image

Pico Veleta

Very close to the capital of Granada is the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, a place of nature par excellence in the province and where some of the best trekking routes near Granada are located.

In this case, one of the most popular and classic is the ascent to Pico Veleta, the fourth largest mountain in Spain, at 3,400 meters of altitude.

Although you may think that it is a complicated or advanced level route, the truth is that it is relatively easy, if you take into account what an ascent to a mountain peak entails.

Thus it can be defined as a moderate level route, with a drop of about 900 meters. Likewise, it is considered one of the best hiking routes to do in Granada in summer.

The route begins at Hoya de la Mora, is marked by the GR-470a itinerary, passes through the Virgen de las Nieves, where the only extinct Andalusian glacier was located and offers spectacular views of the Mulhacén peak and other high mountain peaks. , like the Alcazaba or the Corral del Veleta.

In total there are 14 km of road and about 6 or 7 hours long, the return being simpler than the outward journey, as it is a descent.

Being a high mountain route, do not forget to equip yourself properly, with comfortable, technical and thermal clothing. Take some advice for altitude sickness, as well as provide yourself with snowshoes or crampons in case of snow. image

And what is the best hiking route in Granada?

With all these routes listed, do you already know where to go to the countryside near Granada capital?

It would be difficult to choose one of them as the best of the routes, as this will depend on factors such as who you do the route with (children, friends, alone …), at what time you do the route (landscapes can change significantly from station to station. others) or on what date and time you do it (first thing in the morning or at a more crowded hour, weekdays or holidays …)

Therefore, our recommendation is to do at least several of these routes in order to get to know and enjoy the magnificent and varied natural environment that surrounds the city and the nearby towns.

However, in this list, we have made a selection of some of the best hiking trails near Granada, as well as the most popular ones. Those in which you do at least a two-hour walk through nature and without going far from the capital, so you can do them in one morning. But keep in mind that there are many more.

In fact, we cannot forget that there are many other wonderful hiking trails in the surroundings of Granada, as well as popular nature areas, such as the Llano de la Perdiz, the Silla del Moro, the Dehesa del Generalife, the Fuente del Avellano, the Bosque de la Alhambra, Aljibe de la Lluvia, Llanos de Monachil, Cumbres Verdes, Río Verde route (where canyoning is usually practiced), the hervidero-boca la pescá route …

How many of these routes in Granada have you done?

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