most beautiful and famous streets in Granada

The Most Beautiful and Famous Streets of Granada😍


We have already published on another occasion about the most popular and historic squares in Granada, and in this post we are going to mention the most beautiful and famous streets in Granada, what do you think?

And we are also left over from streets! The most historic, busiest, most popular, most beautiful streets, streets that lead to the main monuments and places of interest… And in short, streets of Granada that you cannot miss if you want to say that you have visited the city 😉

What are the most beautiful streets in Granada?

Taking into account that ours is a city that is usually visited on short breaks, we are going to make a list of the best streets in Granada that could give you time to visit in several days.

In this way, you will not miss the most important and touristic sites of the capital, as well as places to have tapas or shop.

Gran Vía de Colón

It is one of the main streets of the capital, which leads to the historic center and connects with other popular streets of Granada.

It is always very busy, as it houses well-known hotels as well as branches of the main banks, shops and even the Italian ice cream parlor, the most famous in the city and where even personalities such as Michelle Obama have enjoyed a delicious ice cream.

As a tourist you will have to take into account that vehicle access to this street is very restricted during hours.

And if you come in Autumn, you cannot miss the flowering of the Gingko biloba, Japanese trees whose leaves leave a beautiful impression at this time.

most famous streets in Granada

Oficios Street

Calle Oficios is one of the most historic streets in Granada, but also one of the most central.

It is accessed from a large neo-Gothic style gate located on the Gran Vía de Colón. And despite how short this street is, it is very important, because this is where the Royal Chapel (which houses the remains of the Catholic Monarchs) is located, the Palace of the Madraza, (which was the first public university in Al-Andalus and later the town hall) and the José Guerrero Art Center.

In addition, from this beautiful street you can also access the Cathedral of Granada or the Alcaicería (the old souk of the city).

Granada tourist streets

Teahouse Street

It is one of the essential streets of Granada.

It is one of the most authentic in the historic center, it is always very popular and it is really called Calle Caldelería Nueva.

So why is it known as Teahouse Street?

Well, here there are numerous very well decorated tearooms, but also numerous small shops selling crafts, decoration, souvenirs, clothing…

Its multicultural atmosphere, the indisputable smell of tea, the coming and going of people from all over the world… Do not miss this street during your visit to Granada!

Granada centertown streets

Paseo de los Tristes

It’s really called Calle Carrera del Darro and many say it’s the most romantic street in Granada 🧡.

And it is that in addition to the fact that hundreds of people, locals or tourists, walk through here every day, this street will offer you a pleasant walk along the Darro River and under the slope of the Alhambra… that will end up completely seducing you!

It is considered as the entrance to the Albaicín neighborhood and in it you will also find places of historical interest such as El Bañuelo, Casa de Castril or Casa de las Chirimías, as well as bars, restaurants, accommodation and leisure.

things to do in Granada with couple

Elvira Street

It is another of the most characteristic of Granada, of Muslim origin, it became the nucleus of the medina during the Zirid period and became a commercial center together with the Alcaicería and the Zacatín.

You will find this street always full of people, because in addition to being very central, it is home to bars, venues, shops, accommodation…

It is a reference area for tapas, eating shawarma, having tea, going out at night and it is also one of the main accesses to the Albaicín neighborhood, connecting it directly with the historic center and the city center.

From the emblematic Arco de Elvira and to Plaza Nueva, this beautiful street is one of the essentials to get to know Granada.

Reyes Católicos Street

We can consider it as the most central street in Granada, since it starts from the Puerta Real itself and reaches the popular Plaza Nueva, one of the most beautiful squares in Granada.

It is a street that you are going to pass yes or yes on your visit to the city, as it is one of the main ones and connects important points, such as Plaza del Carmen (where the Town Hall is located), Plaza Isabel la Católica or Gran Columbus Way.

It also has many shops, both from big brands and local companies, making it one of the reference areas for shopping.

 Granada main streets

Real de la Alhambra Street

It is one of the main streets within the Alhambra complex, so charm is guaranteed 😉

You can take a pleasant walk around here whether you are going to visit the interior of the monument or not, as it is within the free zone of the Alhambra and Generalife grounds.

In this street you will find a very careful vegetation and it is also the access to the Church of Santa María de la Encarnación or to the Palace of Carlos V.

Granada streets tour

Cuesta de Gomerez

La Cuesta de Gomérez is one of the most special streets in the capital of Granada.

It connects the city center with the Alhambra complex, starting at Plaza Nueva and gradually entering the Alhambra forest.

As its name suggests, it’s a hill (and so much!), but if you visit Granada, it’s something you have to get used to 😉

In it you will find some local and craft shops, as well as accommodation in the initial part of the street, until you reach the Puerta de las Granadas, where a large closed and shady grove begins that nothing makes it seem like you are in the heart of a capital.

Specifically, in this space there are some 21 different species that add up to more than 1,000 trees!

From this street you can access the Nasrid Palaces, Alcazaba, Generalife and Puerta de la Justicia, but also the hotels and restaurants located in the Alhambra, Carmen de los Mártires or Torres Bermejas, among other things.

Granada famous streets

Alcaiceria Street

Did you not know that a souk was located in the historic center of Granada?

That’s right, right next to the Cathedral and Royal Chapel of Granada, you will find Calle Alcaicería, a place that will transport you to another era in a matter of seconds and that is one of the most original places in Granada.

These are narrow streets located in what was an old Muslim neighborhood, where the souk was located and where silk was manufactured and sold. It came to have nearly 200 stores and although today we have many fewer, the charm of the souk is no less.

Therefore, we encourage you to come to this great bazaar to buy beautiful and typical handicraft souvenirs from Granada, such as the popular Fajalauza earthenware, inlaid objects, colored glass lanterns, other manufactured products, books, jewellery… Or even the classic magnets.

Cárcel Baja Street

This is one of the most touristic streets in Granada, as it is located in the heart of the city and borders the cathedral, passing through the great Puerta del Perdón of this monument.

It connects the famous Calle de las teterías with two of the most beautiful squares, Plaza de las Pasiegas and Plaza de la Romanilla.

For this reason, despite being a very short street, it has an incomparable charm and is always very popular.

On this cobbled street in the center of Granada there are also small stalls selling spices, teas and nuts, whose colors and smells attract the attention of any passer-by.

most historic streets in Granada

San Jerónimo Street

And to finish with the list of the most beautiful and famous streets in Granada, we suggest Calle San Jerónimo, a beautiful and central cobbled street that starts from one of the sides of the Granada Cathedral (from Calle Cárcel Baja).

It is a cozy and typical street, where numerous small, local and traditional shops are located, and along which it is very pleasant to take a quiet walk.

It also connects several well-known parishes and squares, so walking this street is one of the essentials of the Granada street map.

most beautiful and famous streets in Granada

Other famous streets of Granada…

As we stroll through Granada, we cannot leave behind many of the streets that are also very representative in the city, although we have not included them in the previous list.

Some of the streets that if you have the chance, we recommend you not to miss are:

  • Paseo del Salón: a wide street that runs along the Genil River and that could also compete as one of the most romantic streets in Granada.
  • Molinos Street: one of the charming streets in the center of Granada. Specifically, it is located within the Realejo neighbourhood, an old Jewish quarter, and it is ideal for taking a tour of the graffiti that the street artist from Granada, El Niño de las Pinturas, has been leaving us.
  • Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Street: one of the youngest and liveliest streets in Granada, where you will find many tapas bars, pubs, shops, restaurants, entertainment venues…
  • Mesones Streeet: one of the main shopping streets in Granada, where you can find both well-known firms and local businesses.
  • Camino del Sacromonte Street: a street with its own identity that leads to the heart of the Sacromonte neighborhood of Granada, a picturesque neighborhood where you can enjoy flamenco shows in cave houses.
  • Navas Street: one of the most touristic and busy streets for visitors, as it is considered the most famous street for tapas in Granada.
  • Cuesta del Chapiz: steep street that is located at the end of Paseo de los Tristes and that serves as one of the gateways to the Albaicín neighborhood and the Sacromonte neighborhood. The Palacio de los Córdova or the Carmen de la Victoria are located here. As you can see, in Granada we have many streets that have the word “cost”, and we have quite a few of these.

With this tour of the most beautiful and famous streets of Granada, you can get an idea of ​​the beautiful city we have, with streets that are true gems and that every tourist should know.

Do not be scared if they seem like too many, because this is a city whose Historic Center can be easily visited on foot and even as it is not a big city, it will not take you long to see everything.

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