Where to find the best tapas in Granada – 8 Most famous areas


What would Granada be without its tapas? They are undoubtedly a tourist attraction and, of course, they are the perfect excuse to go out and have a good time with friends, family, co-workers … But the city has many neighborhoods and you probably want to know where to find the best tapas in Granada, have the best tapas or go on a tapas route.

If so, keep reading, we will tell you about it here!

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8 Most famous areas for tapas in Granada

We cannot tell you which is the best area of ​​Granada for tapas, because that depends on your tastes, and for color tastes!

But we can tell you which are the most popular streets for tapas in Granada, where you will find many tapas bars to choose from, have the odd Alhambra beer and take a route.

We already warned you that going for tapas in Granada is one of the best ways to eat and drink in the city!

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Navas Street and surroundings

In the center of Granada you can find many tapas bars, but if you want to reach a street full of places to choose from and to try, the tapas in Calle Navas de Granada, probably the most famous tapas street, and the streets near the Town Hall are a good option.

This area is usually the one where most tourists go, but it is also a good option if you are looking for some excitement and atmosphere to be with friends.

Here you will find typical Granada bars, such as Los Diamantes, Taberna Las Copas or Taberna la Garrocha, and you will also find restaurants where you can order dishes after your tapas, such as La Chicotá.

In the surrounding streets you can also have tapas, the part behind the Town Hall (Restaurante la Blanca Paloma or Taberna Gamboa) or Calle San Matías and surroundings (Bar La Tana) are good for tapas and then choose a pub where you can have a coffee or a few drinks.

Cathedral-Elvira Street-Plaza Nueva

Another tapas area in central Granada are the streets and squares near the Cathedral. In the same famous Calle Elvira, Plaza Nueva and in the alleys that lead to Gran Vía you will find numerous tapas bars with a very good atmosphere, both family and to enjoy with friends.

Some of them are Bar La Riviera, La Nueva Bodega, Bodega Castañeda or Saint Germain, the latter a 5-minute walk from the Cathedral and ideal to have a good wine.

On the southern part of the Cathedral you can also taste the tapas of the bars and restaurants located in the Plaza de la Romanilla, Calle Marqués de Gerona or Plaza Trinidad.

For example, El Meridional, La Tortuga Boba or Taverna Catedral.

Low and high Albaicín

If you want eating tapas in Granada, for its most emblematic neighborhood and hopefully do it with views of the Alhambra, choose tapas in the Albaicín. Of course, if you’ve never been here, make yourself comfortable and grab a map! because you will probably get lost in its narrow and cobbled streets.

The most popular thing is to walk through one of the most beautiful streets of the city, the Paseo de los Tristes, and make a stop for a snack in one of the bars that are located here, such as Bar Minotauro or Bodega La Bella y la Beast.

And once you get fully into the Albaicín, some of the most popular places to have tapas and meet friends are Plaza Larga, Placeta San Miguel Bajo, Placeta San Gregorio next to the tea shops, or around the Mirador de San Nicolás.

Realejo and Campo del Príncipe

If you want to have tapas in the center of Granada, we also suggest you visit the old Jewish quarter of Realejo, a good place to enjoy some of the best tapas bars in Granada.

El Realejo is a central neighborhood of narrow streets that is located on the slopes of the Alhambra and that you must visit yes or yes.

Its most popular square for tapas is Plaza Campo del Príncipe. Taberna Los Trastos or Bar los Altramuces are two of those found around here. You can also have tapas in the bars on Calle Pavaneras.

Zaidín-Palacio de Deportes

This area is further from the city center but very accessible if you go by Metro (same stop as Palacio de Deportes).

Currently it is one of the best areas for tapas in Granada, as there are many bars, a lot of variety, it is not a tourist area and it is a wide and more modern part, where you can also enjoy other restaurants, cafes …

The most famous tapas bar in Zaidín, at the height of the Sports Palace is undoubtedly the Ecu. It is probably where they put the biggest tapas in Granada and you will probably have to queue if you arrive at rush hour;)

An advice? Avoid the days when there are sporting events at the Estadio Nuevo de los Cármenes or the Palacio de Deportes.

Plaza de Toros

This is one of the best areas for tapas in Granada if you are young or a student. Although if you are not, it is also. It is also very close to the city center and is not a tourist area.

Therefore, around the Plaza de Toros there are a multitude of tapas bars with good prices and good dishes.

How about one or more tapas at Los Pescadores bar or at Nuestro bar?

Camino de Ronda, Gonzalo Gallas and Pedro Antonio

Another option for streets with tapas bars in Granada where the younger crowd is also concentrated is on Camino de Ronda, Calle Gonzalo Gallas and Pedro Antonio, which makes their prices lower. Although you can also find restaurants and great places to go with the family, as a couple …

You can also get to this area with the Metro and it is ideal if later you are looking for a cafeteria or a pub where you can have a drink and extend the afternoon. On the other hand, these streets cover a large part of the city, so it is a good option if what you are looking for is to take a tapas route through Granada.

Our tapas bar recommendations? Bar el Peruano in Gonzalo Gallas and Tango Bar in Pedro Antonio.

La Chana

And finally, if what you want is to go for tapas in Granada as a local would do, we recommend choosing the La Chana neighborhood. Another non-touristy neighborhood, with good prices and good tapas.

Bar Marraquesh or Bar la locura del Rey are two of the ones you should visit.

If you keep wondering where to find the best tapas in Granada or what is the best area of ​​Granada for tapas, you will have to know that in all its neighborhoods there are bars where they serve you a tapas with your drink.

But as we have described previously, it will depend on your preferences, choosing one neighborhood or another. Do you prefer good views, bigger tapas, more variety, better prices …?

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