visiting Granada with children

Visiting Granada with children, the coolest plans!!


If you have reached here, it is because you are interested in knowing proposals about visiting Granada with children, and we have to give you some good news… There are many things to do with family in Granada!

Since there are many visitors who decide to plan their vacations or getaways with the youngest members of the family, do not miss the following proposals where we recommend some of the best plans to do in Granada with family.

We are sure you will love them!

Things to do in Granada with children

Of all the activities that can be done in the city, especially tourist ones, we have selected some that we believe are the most interesting, in the capital and near the capital.

Do we see them?

Culture guided tour

As a tourist in Granada, you can never miss a historical and cultural tour of the most important and essential places.

For those of you who question this type of activity when going with children, we have to tell you that there are companies that offer family-oriented visits, whose objective is for the little ones to explore, imagine and discover history for themselves. , making them fully participants and protagonists.

Without a doubt, visiting Granada as a family with a cultural route is a great plan to get to know and enjoy the city 😉

Granada family plans

Science Park

Probably one of the best things to do in Granada with children, as well as being considered the first interactive science museum in Andalusia, it is an educational and very interesting place.

Here you can find both permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions, where you can learn in an interactive and fun way topics related to the Universe, physical phenomena, biodiversity, robotics, the human body, botany…

Its outstanding areas are the Planetarium, Biosphere Room, Perception Room, Explora Room, the Tropical Butterfly Garden, the Biodome and the Observation Tower.

So it will probably be an unforgettable experience for both children and adults.

Also, if you are going to spend the day here, you can take a break to eat in its restaurant or have a picnic in the outdoor areas.

If you are interested, there is an annual voucher with which you can enjoy discounts and other benefits when visiting the Granada Science Park.

Ready to enjoy a day of learning in a place as interesting as this?

Granada wih children
Guia Repsol Image

Caja Granada Cultural Center

Right next to the Parque de las Ciencias and located in a surprising building, is this cultural center with space for performances, archives, workshops and a Museum about Andalusia.

Here you can discover as a family the history of Andalusia through the senses, with objects to touch, smell, images, screens and interactive videos.

Take a look at the activities of its Pequemuseo and book your activity now.

Even the little ones can celebrate their birthday here in a different way, educational and fun at the same time.

Activities with children in Granada

Garcia Lorca Park

For those looking for things to do in Granada with children outdoors, the García Lorca Park is a magnificent place to consider.

It is one of the best parks we have in the capital. Not only because it is centrally located and has well-cared-for vegetation and plants, but also because the Huerta de San Vicente is located here, which was the summer family residence of the poet Federico García Lorca.

This building is currently a House-Museum that is located in the center of the park and that you can visit as a family to learn a little more about the famous poet from Granada.

In addition, for children there are also some swings in the park and a lake with ducks and turtles that everyone likes.

visiting Granada with children

Sierra Nevada

Having the incredible Sierra Nevada so close to the capital, it is highly recommended to do some activity around here when visiting Granada with children.

And it is that whether in summer or winter, the mountains can offer you many activities in nature ideal to complement your trip, as well as to spend the day with the family.

And, what things to do with children in Sierra Nevada?

If you come in winter, there is no doubt that the star activity is skiing, both on your own and with a company that offers children’s courses.

But it is also possible to enjoy the snow sliding with sleds in the Hoya de la Mora, take a walk with snowshoes, take the kids to the Dreamland-Jardín Alpino enclosure to learn to ski, book an activity with a private company or go to the Mirlo Blanco Activity Park, where there is a roller coaster, magic carpet and slides at 2,100 meters of altitude!

If you come in summer, you can take a hiking route, take advantage of a children’s summer camp, take a guided tour of the Sierra Nevada observatory or visit the Hoya de Pedraza Botanical Garden.

Ready to spend a super fun day with the family?

best things to do in Granada with children

Hiking route

Another of the free activities to do in Granada with children are the hiking trails.

In another previous post we already told you which are the best routes around Granada, and here we do not lack options for all tastes and levels.

Specifically, to do with the family and with children, there are some highly recommended routes, both for their simplicity and because the little ones will love them.

So we can recommend:

The Cahorros de Monachil route, a great option to do in spring or summer. It is very close to the capital and runs along the Monachil River, its main attraction being, without a doubt, the suspension bridges.

Or the Mammoth route, one of the most famous in the Lecrín Valley. It is specially designed for family tourism and that is why it is represented by the sculptures of a mammoth and a tiger. Its name is due to the discovery in the 80s of the prehistoric remains of a woolly mammoth.

Adventures in nature

If you keep wondering what are the bests plans to do with children in Granada and have fun, sports activities in nature will never fail you, where they can have fun and let off steam to infinity.

Just 15 minutes from the capital, in the town of Víznar, is the largest adventure park in Eastern Andalusia, Aventura Amazonia, with zip lines and adventure circuits for all ages.

Fun and adventure are guaranteed!

Granada with children image

Carmen de los Mártires

If you are looking for plans in Granada with children in which you can rest easy without leaving the city, we suggest you visit the Carmen de los Mártires, the largest and most well-known Carmen in Granada.

A Granada carmen is a type of typical Nasrid urban dwelling, with an adjoining green space, garden and orchard at the same time, which constitutes an extension of the dwelling.

In Granada we have numerous crimes, both public and private.

Specifically, the Carmen de los Mártires is located within the Alhambra complex and has well-kept gardens inhabited by very sociable peacocks.

Here you can take a quiet and pleasant walk with your family, take some photos and see the views of the city.

where to take photos in Granada

Children’s attractions in a shopping center

If you have to take the opportunity to do some shopping or even on bad weather days, a great idea could be to take the little ones to one of the shopping centers that we have in Granada.

  • In C.C Nevada Shopping, (the largest in the province of Granada and one of the ten largest in Spain), there are several very fun children’s areas for the little ones, such as the Isla Tortuga family entertainment center or the Nevada Kids toy library.
  • In the C.C Serrallo Plaza they have a Fun Park that, in addition to small attractions for children, includes the longest urban zip line in Spain, with 250 meters!
  • In the Parque Comercial Granaíta, the Kids Club includes a play area and scheduled activities such as themed workshops, shows, storytelling… and much more! As well as an outdoor playground called the Kids Zone.

With all this children’s entertainment in Granada, fun is guaranteed! 😉

 what to visit in Granada with children

Visiting a Farm

If you are looking to enjoy all the options of activities that Granada offers but from a rural setting, there are some highly recommended options for families with children.

For example:

El Cortijo del Pino, a rural accommodation just 3 km from the capital that has several houses with all kinds of benefits, in addition to the possibility of carrying out activities in the rural environment. Here you can go for bike rides, visit the animals in their farmyard (chickens, ducks, rabbits, a sheep and a pig), as well as buy organic products from small Granada initiatives or enjoy the great cultural offer of the city of Granada.

Huerto Alegre, a cooperative committed to education, culture and the environment, which designs, promotes and develops environmental education programs in the natural, rural and urban areas. Among other things, it offers projects for schoolchildren, families and associations at an international level. It is located about 40km from the capital, but here you can enjoy its Sunday family activities, family weekends or family camps.

things to do in Granada with family image

Ice skating

If you are wondering what activity to do in Granada with children that is original and fun for the whole family, what do you think if we suggest ice skating?

Although you may not believe that in the south of our country we can have a large ice rink, in Granada capital and specifically in the Zaidín neighborhood, we have Don Patín, a place where you can enjoy free skating sessions that include rent skates, as well as schools of figure skating and ice hockey or birthday celebrations.

It is a highly recommended activity to do as a family and very very fun, do not miss it!

fun activities with children in Granada

Visiting the Alhambra

And of course, one of the best plans and best activities that can be done with children and babies in Granada is, without a doubt, visiting the Alhambra, the star monument and where no one visits it and is not amazed.

To visit the Alhambra with babies, keep in mind that it is not possible to access it with a baby stroller, but it is possible with baby carriers.

As for the price, general admission to the Nasrid Palaces and Generalife is free for children under 12 years of age and costs €8.48 for children between 12 and 15 years of age. Likewise, you always have to get tickets for them.

Ready to enjoy the eighth wonder of the world and take beautiful family photos while you learn a bit of history?

visiting Granada with childrens

Do you know any other plan that you suggest we add to this list about visiting Granada with children? Feel free to tell us below 😉

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