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Granada for couples – Here you are the best romantic plans!


It is said that Granada is one of the most romantic cities in Andalusia and Spain. We want to affirm it and we also think that it is one of the best cities to fall in love and to stay in love (with the city and with the couple 😜). So if you have decided to make a romantic getaway or you are looking best things to do in Granada for couples, let us show you below some of the best plans for two.

The best plans for couples in Granada,💝 Welcome Cupid!

Whether for Valentine’s Day or for any other date, (because love must be maintained all year round), here are our proposals for a romantic getaway in Granada!

Choose a romantic accommodation

If you come from outside Granada, it is essential to choose accommodation with charm and as romantic as possible.

We have plenty of that in this city and there is also something for all tastes and budgets.

Usually, choosing an accommodation that offers rooms with views of the Alhambra is usually one of the best options. And there is nothing like waking up and having the eighth wonder of the world in front of you, speechless!

Among so much offer, some of the romantic hotels and apartments with views of the Alhambra that we can recommend are the Hotel Casa Morisca, Casa 1800, Apartamentos Muralla Zirí, Häxaris Casa Boutique or Casa Cueva Lujo Sacromonte.

romantic accommodation in Granada

Watch the sunset from a viewpoint

The viewpoints are, without a doubt, one of the biggest attractions of the city. And it is that with or without views of the Alhambra, they are special places where you can simply stop to observe, think, relax and above all take the best photographs with your partner.

There are many places with beautiful views in the capital! And, of course, they turn out to be one of the best plans to do as a couple in Granada.

Some of the most beautiful viewpoints to see the Alhambra are:

  • Saint Nicholas’ lookout
  • Viewpoint of the Placeta de Carvajales
  • Viewpoint of San Miguel Alto
  • Viewpoint of the Moorish Chair
  • Vereda de Enmedio viewpoint
  • Viewpoint of the Sacromonte Abbey
  • Viewpoint of San Cristobal
  • Lola viewpoint
  • Viewpoint of Santa Isabel la Real
  • Etc

Others that we also highly recommend are:

  • Churra viewpoint
  • Barranco del Abogado viewpoint
  • Canvas Lookout
  • Eye of Granada viewpoint
  • Viewpoint of the Placeta Puerta del Sol (Viewpoint Lavadero del Realejo)

As you can see, there are so many that it is worth dedicating a day to a route of viewpoints in Granada.

romantic plans Granada

Book a night tour

«All cities have their charm, Granada its own and that of all the others». This is how Antonio Machado described our city and he was not wrong.

And the fact is that if Granada has so much charm during the day, imagine during the night!

A destination with so much history, emblematic streets and buildings, illuminated under the dim light of the streetlights and the moon…

There are many tours and guided visits offered by official guides that deal with the magic of Granada at night, the mysteries and legends of Granada or simply night routes through the streets of Albaicín, Realejo or Sacromonte.


Have coffee in a charming place

In the blog we always highlight the places with views, and it is that in this city it is one of the most precious and valued things. In this case, as a romantic plan in Granada that will not disappoint you, we recommend you spend an afternoon having coffee, tea or having a snack in a cozy place and, if possible, with good views.

Add places to your itinerary such as the terrace of the Hotel Alhambra Palace, the terrace of the Chill-Out Monastery, the terrace of the Huerto del Loro, the terrace of B-Heaven, the terrace of El Camborio, the cafeteria of Carmen de la Victoria or the Ábaco tea and Bañuelo teahouses.

You will love all of them!

Also, if you want to visit one of the most typical places in Granada, remember to go through the famous teahouse street (Caldelería Nueva Street) and immerse yourself in Al Ándalus drinking a delicious Moorish tea.

Choose a good restaurant

Going out for dinner as a couple is always a good plan in all places and cities, so where can you book a romantic dinner in Granada?

Among all the good restaurants located in the capital, we could not choose just one as the best, since luckily, we have numerous restaurants of very good quality.

In addition, as for color tastes, it may be that you prefer a restaurant with more traditional, more current, creative, regional or contemporary food. In Granada we have everyone!

Therefore, we can strongly recommend some of the best restaurants with views of the Alhambra that you will surely love, such as El Trillo, Carmen El Agua, las Tomasas, Carmen de Aben Humeya or Ruta del Azafrán.

But we can also recommend the best restaurants in Granada recommended by the Michelin Guide, such as Atelier Casa de Comidas, FM, Cala, Damasqueros, Puesto 43, Arriaga, Faralá and María de la O.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a different place for a romantic evening in Granada, we also recommend Al Ándalus Expreso, a gastronomic experience on board a vintage train.

best luxury restaurants in Granada

Book a romantic guided tour

A nice experience as a couple is sure to take a guided tour just the two of you.

Does it catch your attention? Well, there are many options!

For example, do not hesitate to book a tour for two in Granada, where you can discover together with your guide the most intimate part of the city, quiet alleys and viewpoints, private places, special restaurants and places without crowds.

There are many companies that offer private tours or tours with VIP services.

On the other hand, you also have the option of enjoying a romantic tour with photos of your kisses and hugs in Paseos Románticos Granada or even a tour of the Patio de los Perfumes, where you can get a composition made especially for you.

tours for couples Granada

Relax together in a Spa

Similarly, going to a spa or spa as a couple is always a success.

In the city we have spas such as Masvital, Boreal Relax or Sol y Agua Granada.

In addition to hotels that offer this service, such as the Hotel Senator Granada Spa, the Hotel Macià Five Senses, the Palacio de los Patos, Hotel Catalonia or Hotel Abba. Even gyms with a spa, such as the Ges Spa O2 Wellness Granada.

We also recommend the Beer Spa, a place where you can immerse yourself together in barrels that contain natural ingredients of beer and thus achieve its multiple health benefits. Can you imagine?

Pamper yourself in an Arab Baths

Did you know that in Muslim Granada there were up to 21 Arab baths?

After the conquest of the city by the Catholic Monarchs, a decline of all of them began, many being destroyed or converted.

But today and thanks to several companies, it has been possible to preserve the tradition of the Arab bath, already adapted to our times and culture.

So you and your partner can enjoy an extraordinary experience for all the senses, which can include massage and other treatments in addition to the bath.

Specifically in Granada we have the Arab baths Hammam Al Ándalus, Al Haram Hammam, Palacio de Comares Arab Baths, Aljibe de San Miguel or Baños de Elvira.

It could be a great option for an original plan for couples in Granada, don’t you think?

gift experiences in Granada

Go horse riding

For those who are looking for more original activities to do in Granada as a couple, we can also offer you something that will not leave you indifferent, a pleasant horseback ride.

A private route that adapts to your level and age, whatever it may be, and around the city of Granada, Sierra Nevada or the Lecrín Valley… Sounds good, right?

To carry out these routes you can contact places like Las Encinillas Rutas a Caballo or Palmalí Rutas a Caballo.

romantic experiences in Granada

Discover the most romantic streets and squares

If you want to know what to do in Granada with your partner, in addition to everything already mentioned, taking a walk through the historic center of Granada, as well as through some of the most welcoming neighborhoods or corners, is also always a real treat.

Squares, streets and places that have remained throughout history, that house emblematic buildings, anecdotes from the past and that today offer us very pleasant and beautiful places in the city.

It is difficult to choose which are the most beautiful corners of Granada, and what we always recommend is to take a walking route, one of the best options to see the best of the city.

You cannot miss its most symbolic squares, such as Plaza Isabel la Católica, Plaza Nueva, Plaza Bib-Rambla, Plaza de la Romanilla or Plaza de las Pasiegas.

But you cannot miss streets like Paseo del Salón, Carrera de la Virgen, Paseo de los Tristes, Calle Oficios, Cuesta de Gomérez, Camino del Sacromonte, Calle Elvira, Calle Caldelería Nueva, Cuesta del Chapiz or Gran Vía, among others.

You will fall in love with each place! Also, do not forget that it is one of the best free plans in Granada with couple.

Of course, with a camera at hand on every walk, we recommend you see the post on where to take the best photos of Granada 😉

things to do in Granada with couple

Have tapas

It is not that it is an exclusive plan for couples, but it is a mandatory plan for all the people who visit the city. Therefore, don’t forget to do a tapas route through Granada and above all, if you are in good company 😉

As we discussed in another post, the most popular areas for tapas among visitors are usually Calle Navas and the streets surrounding the Town Hall, the Calle Elvira and Catedral area, the Albaicín neighborhood and the Campo del Príncipe in Realejo.

But there are other very good areas for tapas around the Zaidín -Palacio de Deportes, the Plaza de Toros, Camino de Ronda or La Chana.

Visiting the Alhambra at night

As you already know, the visit to the Alhambra is the star activity, but what if we add a little more romance? (if it fits).

One of the options for visiting this monument is the night ticket, which is more basic in terms of the route, but no less special for that.

This ticket includes a visit to the Nasrid Palaces (Mexuar, Comares Palace, Palace of the Lions and Corredor – Lindaraja), but you can also visit the other free places, such as the Palace of Carlos V, the Puerta de la Justicia or the Forest of the Alhambra.

This type of visit is offered throughout the year, from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in winter time (October 15 – March 31) and from 10:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. in summer time (April 1 to October 14). ).

Granada night tour for couples

Visiting a Carmen

If you are looking for new places to take your partner in Granada and surprise her/him like no other, make a visit to a Carmen from Granada on your list.

Don’t you know what they are?

It is a type of house of Nasrid origin, rustic and fenced, which had a garden, green space, orchard and fountain or pool. You will find this house, above all, in the Albaicín and Realejo neighborhoods.

If you want to visit public Cármenes in the Albaicín neighborhood, some of the best known are Carmen de los Chapiteles, Carmen de la Victoria (owned by the University of Granada), Carmen de Max Moureau (also known as Carmen de los Geranios and where a painting museum is located) or the Carmen of the Rodriguez Acosta Foundation.

On the other hand, the largest in Granada is the Carmen de los Mártires, located in the same compound as the Alhambra, with free admission and which we recommend as one of the most romantic places in Granada 😉

where to take photos in Granada

See Granada from the sky

And to finish this list about best things to do in Granada for couples… Can you imagine flying over the Alhambra at dawn?

There is probably no better picture than this to photograph and remember Granada forever.

If you are interested in this plan, the Glovento Sur company offers private flights, with both scheduled and open-date tours, ideal for gifts.

It also has flights over the Guadix Geopark, the most popular area in the province to fly over.

This activity is suitable for practically anyone, and it can be a perfect option to finish conquering your partner 😍

Ready to enjoy one of the romantic experiences in Granada? Of course, don’t forget your camera!

See here what other “luxury” plans to do in Granada.

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