Where to eat

Where to eat in Granada

Whether you come to visit Granada or live here, finding a good place to eat is essential. And it is that walking through Granada makes you very hungry, especially if you have been walking all morning through the Albaicín, seeing museums or seeing monuments.

Also, if we put together that we are located in Andalusia, with good temperatures and good ingredients, why not go out to eat outside in the sun?

The first thing you should know if you are looking for where to eat in Granada is that the most popular food option is tapas. That is, you order your drink and the one at the bar brings you a considerable tapa included in the price.

With considerable we mean that they are not only the typical potatoes or olives of the lot, but also that they put a portion of fish, meat in sauce, a piece of pizza, a bagel with loin, a Russian salad, a rice. .. there are a thousand options!

On the other hand, and as in any city, there are also a multitude of menu or à la carte restaurants where you can enjoy a good feast or simply eat daily.

And, of course, fast food has its place, too. In addition to the popular hamburger or sandwich franchises, the typical thing here is to ask you for a good Shawarma, especially if they hit you in the wee hours of the morning.

So if you want to know where to eat in Granada and what are the best places to eat in Granada, let us tell you!

Tapas in Granada

It is no secret that when you order a beer in Granada, they serve you a tapa, but where to go for tapas in Granada? Where are the best tapas in Granada? What are the best tapas bars in the Albaicín? What is the most famous street for tapas in Granada? Where do they put the biggest caps? And the cheapest tapas?

Tapas are served in practically all the bars in the city when you order a drink, however there can be a very big difference from one to the other.

The most popular area for tourists and visitors is the center of Granada, especially in the area of ​​Calle Navas, probably the most famous street for tapas in Granada. And also around the City Hall and Calle San Matías.

If you want to have tapas in the center of Granada, we also suggest you visit the old Jewish quarter of Realejo, a good place to enjoy some of the best tapas bars in Granada. And the streets and squares near the Cathedral: in Calle Elvira, Plaza Nueva and in the alleys that lead to Gran Vía you will find numerous tapas bars with a very good atmosphere, both family and to enjoy with friends.

If you want to know where to eat tapas in the Albaicín, its most emblematic neighborhood and hopefully do it with views of the Alhambra, you are not lacking options, both for the lower Albaicín and for the upper Albaicín.

Plaza Larga and the Placeta de San Miguel Bajo are two ideal places to have tapas in the Albaicín. Of course, if you’ve never been here, make yourself comfortable and grab a map! because the safest thing is that you get lost in its narrow and cobbled streets.

The Plaza de Toros is one of the best areas for tapas in Granada if you are young or a student. Although if you are not, it is also. It is also very close to the city center and is not a tourist area.

Another option where the younger public is also concentrated is by Camino de Ronda, Calle Gonzalo Gallas and Pedro Antonio, which makes their prices lower. Although you can also find restaurants and great places to go with the family, as a couple …

And finally, if you want to know where to eat tapas in Granada as a person from Granada would do, we recommend choosing the La Chana neighborhood or the El Zaidín neighborhood, two non-tourist areas, with good prices and probably the best. tapas from Granada.

In short, going for tapas in Granada is similar to going for beers in any other place, only that you end up having dinner for the same price and having tried more than one dish;) Have you already decided on your tapas route in Granada?

Restaurants in Granada

If, on the other hand, you prefer to sit down to eat à la carte, savor a good Alpujarran dish or anything else, you will not lack places for it.

Well in demand are the restaurants with views of the Alhambra that are located throughout the Albaicín. Can you imagine yourself on a terrace with a glass of wine and in front of the eighth wonder of the world?

The restaurants in Granada’s Albaicín are very popular and peculiar, whether for lunch or dinner and in any season of the year.

There will also be no shortage of restaurant options in the Center of Granada, from Plaza Nueva to Paseo del Violón you can have a refreshing Alhambra beer and eat fish, seafood, meat, rice, pasta, homemade food …

Did you know that some of the typical dishes in Granada are broad beans with ham, Granada soak, San Antón pot or Sacromonte omelette?

Menus in Granada

If you are looking to go out on a daily basis and eat a menu, you will not be short of options either.

So there are cheap places to eat in Granada, there are all over the city, with menus at very good prices and with very good quantities and ingredients.

Fast food restaurants in Granada

And of course, fast food cannot be absent in any city. Although here, in addition to the typical brands of hamburgers and sandwiches, the star dish of fast food or take away (or to eat on a bench al fresco and with good views), are Shawarmas.

The streets par excellence to savor one of these are Calle Elvira and Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, although there are many more places to eat a delicious Shawarma.

On the other hand, shopping centers are also a great place to find numerous fast food chains or similar; Nevada Shopping Center, Serrallo Plaza Shopping Center, Granaita Shopping Park …

In short, on this website we will try to show you where to eat in Granada, which are some of the best places to eat in Granada, where to eat cheaply in Granada … And much more!