Places to visit in Granada Province (15 best things to do)


As if that weren’t enough with everything the city of Granada offers, presided over by the great monument of the Alhambra, the province also contains more than spectacular places. Some are better known and some are less, but all are worth it! Do you want to know what are the best places to visit in Granada Province?

Best places to visit in the province of Granada

The Granada capital often outshines the rest of the province, and you know what? the province of Granada is a gem.

You have a city, unique towns, mountains, hiking trails, geological formations and the sea in a matter of a few kilometers.

On the way to all its corners, you will never be short of exquisite dishes, culture through a tube and traditions that last for centuries …

Here we show you which places visit in the Granada province and why, don’t miss them!

1.Vereda de la Estrella

We start with what is for many the best route in Granada province, the Vereda de la Estrella.

This popular hiking route has its starting point in the small town of Güejar Sierra, just 25 km from the capital.

It is a route of 10 linear kilometers (3-4 hours one way), with a gentle slope, which ascends over the Genil River and culminates in the heart of Sierra Nevada.

We recommend doing this hiking route, especially in Autumn or Spring, to enjoy the landscape and the most rugged vegetation of the mountains, although it can really be done at any time of the year (in winter, caution is recommended, as there may be ice ).

The path always stays to the right of the riverbed. In this way, ash trees, chestnut trees, oaks and maples cling to the river valley, allowing a path to advance that served to transport copper and silver ore from the Estrella and La Probadora Mines in cavalry.

Some points of interest on the trail are, “El abuelo”, a centenary chestnut tree, the impressive views of the peaks of the Alcazaba and the Mulhacen, the Guarnón River or the junction of the Valdecasillas and Valdeinfierno rivers.

Finally, we recommend that you prepare your route in advance, as there is no mobile coverage along the way.

Ready to discover the best hiking route in Granada?


We continue our list of the best places to visit in the province of Granada with a classic that everyone knows, Sierra Nevada and its base point, Pradollano.

It is located just over 30 km from the capital of Granada, protecting it as if it were a bodyguard and is accessed through the A-395 road.

It is the southernmost ski resort in Europe, with the highest number of daylight hours and the highest altitude in Spain.

The reference area is the town of Pradollano (2,100 meters above sea level), from where the ski lifts depart to the ski slopes and where the souvenir shops, equipment rental, restaurants, parkings, accommodation, bars, leisure places are located. ..

Sierra Nevada has ski slopes for all levels:

  • 16 green slopes
  • 40 blue slopes
  • 50 red slopes
  • 9 black slopes
  • 1 background circuit

The Sierra Nevada ski resort has hosted numerous winter sports competitions (Universiade, ski championships, Freestyle …), but it is also considered a very popular mountain pass for cyclists and a place frequented by walkers. in summer.

In this great space of nature, you can do endless activities in addition to skiing or snowboarding. You can also do 4×4 excursions, snowshoe routes, private tours, sledding by Nordic dogs, take a ski or snow course …

If you are not willing to ski or play sports, no problem, in Pradollano you can have a warm coffee on a terrace, start a snowball fight with family or friends, slide with shovels on the snow slopes or simply observe the landscape, the sunset from the heights and the commotion of skiers and tourists from all over the world.

In addition, to all the tourist leisure, in Pradollano you will also find childcare services, clinics, offices, ski schools …

3.Cubillas Swamp

We recommend you sign up for this site if you want to know what to visit near Granada on a weekend or simply in an afternoon, as it is easily accessible and is very close to the capital, just 15kms.

And what to do in the Cubillas de Granada reservoir?

Well, in this natural environment you can spend a pleasant day in the field with family or friends, have a picnic, go camping, take a dip, observe migratory birds …

On the other hand, it is also possible to practice fishing, archery, paddle surfing, rappelling, canoeing, kayaking, dinghy sailing, windsurfing, zip line …

All this can be done with the nautical campus of the University of Granada and also with private multi-adventure companies.

Endless activities to do near Granada!

4.The Mammoth Route

Another activity to do near Granada is the Mamut route, within the Mamut Tourist Park, less than 20 km from the capital.

It is a circular route 8.3 km long and that runs through the famous wetlands of the town of El Padul. The route runs along a wooden path, passing through various viewpoints and rest areas and ending at the Aguadero Nature Classroom, where the sculptures of a mammoth and a tiger are found.

It is therefore a simple and perfect hiking route to do with children.

And why a mammoth route in Granada?

The name comes from the discovery in the 80s of the prehistoric remains of a woolly mammoth.

It is recommended to do this route in Autumn or Spring, when migratory birds pass by.

Although this is the most famous route in the tourist park, here you can also do the woolly rhinoceros trail and the saber-toothed tiger trail, both suitable and highly recommended to do with the family and children, as it gives them knowledge of our prehistory.

5.Villages of the Granada Alpujarra

If you want to know what to visit in Granada province in one day, in addition to the capital, among all the proposals, we advise you to visit the Granada Alpujarra, located in the southeastern part of the province.

At the foot of the Sierra Nevada is located this valley of spectacular landscapes, nature and white villages in the Berber style with stepped white houses, which give rise to peace and fresh air.

The Granada Alpujarra is undoubtedly one of the most charming corners of Europe and one of the best places to visit in the province of Granada.

Everyone who passes by falls in love with the place! ?

At the same time, it is also an ideal place for gastronomic tourism in its villages or for nature routes just 40 minutes by car from the capital.

In it there are municipalities belonging to the province of Granada and the province of Almería. But looking at the towns that make up the Granada Alpujarra, there are the following 25 high mountain towns:

  • Almegíjar
  • Alpujarra de la Sierra
  • Bérchules
  • Bubión
  • Busquístar
  • Cáñar
  • Cádiar
  • Capileira
  • Carataunas
  • Cástaras
  • Juviles
  • Lanjarón
  • Lobras
  • Murtas
  • Nevada
  • Órgiva
  • Pampaneira
  • Pórtugos
  • Soportújar
  • La Taha
  • Torvizcón
  • Trevélez
  • Turón
  • Ugijar
  • Válor

Of all of them, the most popular Alpujarra towns and the ones whose names are sure to be familiar to you are:


It is inevitable not to associate water with this town, due to its many springs fed with the snow of the Sierra Nevada and which contain medicinal properties. It is also said that the town of Lanjarón is the oldest in Spain.

In Lanjarón you cannot miss the Hondillo neighborhood, the Tello forest, the numerous sources of fresh and drinkable water that exist throughout the town and which have inscriptions of poems by Federico García Lorca, and its most popular festival, the festival of the water, which is celebrated by San Juan.


A little further on is this very characteristic municipality and is said to be enchanted.

Due to its legends, the Alpujarra town of Soportújar is known as the town of witches. Viewpoints, statues and even a Fair of Bewitching also do justice to this peculiar denominative.

Do you dare to visit it?


This municipality with a particular name is one of the most popular places in the province of Granada.

Surely those images of white houses with the typical colorful Alpujarra jarapas hanging from the windows will sound familiar to you. Well, it’s here!

Strolling its streets of labyrinthine and tiered white houses, enjoying the views of the mountain or having a hearty meal in one of its restaurants … these are just some of the many things you can do in this picturesque town in Granada’s Alpujarra.


A little higher and with a spectacular natural environment, Capileira is located, another of the most charming towns in the Alpujarra.

It is also allowed to get lost in its winding streets, make a path in the surroundings, look at the spectacular viewpoints or eat an Alpujarra dish in one of its restaurants.


Surely the municipality of Trevélez is also known to you thanks to its flagship product and with a name, ham.

But also, it is one of the highest municipalities in Spain, counting 1,476 meters above sea level and located at the foot of Mulhacen.

Walking its white streets, visiting a ham drying room or exploring its fountains are some of the activities that you can do in this unique town.


These towns of the Granada Alpujarra are tiny and can be visited quickly. It is enough to walk through its steep streets, visit its most typical shops, make a reservation at a good restaurant and look at the viewpoints to take a picture of one of the best postcards that Granada has.

So taking a tour of the best towns in the Alpujarra is undoubtedly one of the most popular driving routes through the province of Granada. You can visit several in a single day.

On the other hand, it is also worth visiting the towns of the “Alpujarra Baja” or “Alpujarra Marítima”, where some municipalities such as Gualchos, Rubite or Lújar are located. Villages of the same Alpujarra charm, located in the Sierra de la Contraviesa, surrounded by nature and offering exquisite wines.

6.Cahorros of Monachil trail

Cahorros of Monachil route is another of the best things to do in the Granada province. It is also very close to the capital and is ideal for families or children.

It is a simple and circular route, only 4km long, that runs through the Los Cahorros gorge, in the municipality of Monachil, just 11 km from the center of the city of Granada. It is divided into High Cahorros and Low Cahorros.

It is popular both for the beautiful natural environment that surrounds it, as well as for the route itself, which passes through caves, waterfalls and several very “photographic” suspension bridges. It is also considered an ideal place to practice climbing.

You can start the Cahorros de Monachil hiking route from the same picturesque town, although right at the beginning of the trail there is an esplanade enabled as a parking lot.

Therefore, if you want to know what to see in the province of Granada with children, doing the Cahorros of Monachil trail is, of course, one of the most popular nature activities.

You can do the route on your own, or you can also do a guided route through the Cahorros of Monachil starting from Granada capital.

Also, we suggest you finish the tourist day by visiting the same town of Monachil, one of the towns in Granada that are close to the capital, located between mountains and where the Monachil River itself passes.

7.Chorreón Río Dílar trail

This low intensity 10km long route runs along the riverbed of the Dílar River, which is located in the municipality of the same name and about 18km from the capital of Granada.

It is a great option and highly sought after in the summer months, when nature gives a refreshing break next to the river. And it is that you have to cross it on numerous occasions and it has natural pools and waterfalls where you can take a dip.

In fact, every August 5, many people from Granada come to this place to worship the Virgen de las Nieves.

8.Alhama de Granada

60 km from the capital and towards Malaga, is the town of Alhama de Granada, known for its Arab thermal baths used for medicinal purposes (Almohad construction from the 13th century) and for its imposing cliffs and ravines, as it is located in a Privileged natural enclave, where the Alhama River also runs.

The municipality of Alhama de Granada is very rich in heritage and even its old town is declared a Historic-Artistic Complex, with its churches, its Moorish castle, the House of the Inquisition …

Without a doubt, another must-see attraction in the province of Granada!

9.The Castle of Montefrío

“One of the towns with the best views in the world.” This is how the prestigious National Geographic magazine cataloged it in 2015, which is why a viewpoint was dedicated to them in gratitude for this appointment, and for which, this town became even more well-known touristically.

But in addition to having unbeatable views, this town has an extensive historical past.

In Montefrío it is worth visiting the Church of the Incarnation (which due to its rounded shape is reminiscent of the Pantheon of Agrippa), the Arab Fortress, the Church of the Villa, the Mirador de las Peñas or the aforementioned National Geographic Viewpoint, with some Spectacular hill views over the Andalusian white houses.

In this sense, the town of Montefrío is, without a doubt, one of the best things to visit in Granada province.


It is one of the richest municipalities in historical and artistic heritage, what to see in Granada province. It also has a spectacular natural enclave and great routes through nature.

Surrounded by Arab watchtowers, in this town you can visit the famous Moclín Castle, located at 1,100 meters above sea level, the Casa del Pósito or the Iglesia de la Encarnación, the Iglesia del Cristo del Paño, the Hermitage of San Antón …

Of great interest is also the Cueva de Malalmuerzos, with cave paintings belonging to the Mediterranean Arch (World Heritage Site), dolmens and anthropomorphic tombs.

You can also do routes such as Ruta del Caliphate or Ruta del Gollizno or attend their popular festivals; the pilgrimage of Cristo del Paño or the Fiesta de San Antón.

11.Caves of Guadix

Did you know that Guadix is ​​one of the oldest towns in the Iberian Peninsula?

It is another of the places to visit in the province of Granada, as it also encompasses a rich historical-artistic heritage, as well as a very important archaeological and architectural heritage.

It is known that the location of this city was occupied by humans since prehistory, since archaeological excavations have been found that show it, and it is even said that it could be the origin of its popular cave houses.

Excavations have also shown that the Roman Colony of Julia Gemella Acci inhabited here, even finding a Roman theater.

Without a doubt, one of the most emblematic things to visit in Guadix is ​​its Cave Houses. In fact, this town is considered the “European capital of the Caves”, for its more than 2,000 inhabited underground dwellings, excavated by man, in a clay soil, of great rarity and that make up a unique landscape.

Therefore, Guadix is ​​one of the most important tourist municipalities in the province of Granada.

What if you book a cave accommodation and try the tranquility, charm and good isolation of these infrastructures?

In addition to the popular Barrio de las Cuevas (one of the largest in the world), in Guadix you can also visit the Cathedral, the Roman Theater, the Alcazaba, the Arch of San Torcuato, the Church of Santiago, the Plaza de las Palomas, the Train station, the Palacio de Villalegre or the Mirador del Cerro de la Magdalena.

12.Colorados Desert in Gorafe

If they tell you that among the things to see and do in Granada province there is a landscape that is most similar to the Far West and that reminds you of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, do you believe it?

You are right! It is Colorados Desert de Gorafe, a natural park with prehistoric remains from the Quaternary period, with an extreme climate and which constitutes one of the great secrets of the Granada province.

Colorados Desert of Gorafe is located within the Granada Geopark, an extensive area of ​​more than 4,000 km, with unique, wild and arid lands, which are part of the geological heritage of the European continent.

The Geopark includes a total of 47 municipalities belonging to the regions of Guadix, Baza, Huéscar and Montes.

And what can be seen in the Granada Geopark apart from the Colorados Desert?

  • The natural viewpoint of Jabalcón
  • The viewpoint at the end of the world
  • The Gor River Valley
  • The Fardes River Valley Paleontological Station

So go for a tour of the Granada Geopark by 4 × 4, bicycle, horse or balloon! We recommend this guided tour of Guadix and Gorafe to be able to visit everything in the same day and not miss anything;)


One hour driving from Granada and heading north of the province, is the town of Baza, the largest urban center in the northeast of Granada, one of the most unknown tourist towns and where religious architecture finds great weight.

In Baza you can visit; the Alcazaba, the Arab Baths, the Convent of Santo Domingo, the Church of Dolores, the Church of San Juan, the Church of Santiago, the Main Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, the Church and Convent of La Merced, the Palace de los Enríquez, the Narváez Visitor Center, the Interpretation Center of Archaeological Sites, the Archaeological Museum of Baza, the Ibn al-Jatib Route, the Barranco de la Fonfría and Pino de la Señora …

A great example of how to spend a day in Granada province!

14.Tropical coast of Granada

Did you think that we had forgotten the Granada coast? Nooo!

It cannot be denied that the province of Granada has a wonderful variety of settings. And since the only thing missing from this list is sea and coast, here you have it!

In just 100km you can go from the peak of the mountain to the center of the city or to the Granada coast.

The best known coastal towns are Salobreña, Almuñecar, Motril, Castell de Ferro … and in just about 40 minutes by car on the A-44 motorway you will be soaking in its fresh and crystalline waters, or eating some delicious sardines, an exquisite paella or some succulent shrimp from Motril.

The Granada coast is also suitable for sports activities such as kayaking, snorkeling or diving.

Some of its most popular beaches and coves are:

  • Peñón de Salobreña Beach
  • Calahonda Beach (Motril)
  • Cantarriján Beach (Almuñecar)
  • Herradura Beach (Almuñecar)
  • La Joya Beach (Motril)
  • Rijana beach (Castell de Ferro)
  • La Guardia beach (Salobreña)
  • San Cristobal Beach (Almuñecar)
  • El Ruso beach (Albuñol)
  • El Cambrón beach (Salobreña)

Granada’s beaches are known for having pebbles instead of sand. This makes them perhaps a little more uncomfortable to walk, but the truth is that for this same reason, they are much cleaner and their waters tend to look completely crystal clear.

In addition, they enjoy a very enviable subtropical climate that is highly sought after by Grenadians and tourists at any time of the year, but especially in summer. It is common for the people of Granada to celebrate the festival of San Juan every year on these beaches.

Without a doubt one of the best things to do in the province of Granada!

15.Generalife Chico in Vélez de Benaudalla

And the last of the activities to do in Granada province that we propose is to visit the Generalife Chico.

How? What’s another Generalife?

Yes! It is one of the secret corners to visit in the province of Granada and is located in the small town of Vélez de Benaudalla, on the way between the Alpujarra and the Granada coast.

This Nasrid garden, also called the Garden of the Senses, is listed as a Historical Garden among the assets of Cultural interest of the Junta de Andalucía, constitutes an exceptional example of a Hispano-Muslim garden and has a remarkable historical value.

As its name indicates, it bears a special resemblance to the Generalife, and was created by Yusuf, gardener of the Alhambra and father of Fátima, wife of Prince Benalí.

Have you already written it down to see?

These are our main proposals of best places to visit in Granada province, although we know that there are many others that are not wasted 🙂

What do you think? Do you know other routes, activities or interesting things to do in Granada province? Feel free to leave us your opinion in the comments!

And if you have been wanting more, stay a couple of minutes and take a look at these other things to see and do in Granada, capital and province.

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