Where to sleep in Granada

Where to stay in Granada if you are going to visit the city for several days? That is one of the questions you will ask yourself before starting your getaway.
And it is that the hotel offer in Granada is very extensive, and there is also a great variety of places to spend the night.
Here are some guidelines for how to choose accommodation in Granada.

Types of accommodation in Granada

As in all tourist cities, there are a large number of accommodations and areas where you can stay, so if you do not know the city, you could have many doubts when it comes to knowing which are the best hotels in Granada.
To begin with, there are different types of accommodation that you can choose:

  • Hotels: there are hotels of all categories and for all budgets, and there are also hotels in all areas or neighborhoods of the city. So the ideal thing is to first choose if you are looking for cheap hotels in Granada simply to spend one or several nights, charming hotels that are located within historical buildings, hotels with views of the Alhambra or hotels near the Alhambra, hotels the outskirts of the city … On the other hand, the most sought after are hotels in the center of Granada or hotels in the Albaicín. The latter usually offer the plus of having views of the Alhambra, although you will have to know that access by private vehicle to this neighborhood is very restricted.
  • Hostels: if you are looking to pay less for your accommodation, the ideal is to look for a hostel, since they are of a lower category and are usually located in the heart of the city, so they are a good option to make a short trip to Granada and be close to the main tourist spots. They are a great choice for the youngest tourist and are often aimed directly at this type of client.
  • Hotel-apartments: there is less variety in this type of accommodation, yet they are a good option if you prefer to eat at least some of your daily meals in the same apartment and thus spend less in restaurants. In addition, they are great for family trips with children or with groups of friends.
  • Apartment: you will already know the well-known platforms for renting tourist apartments, such as Airbnb. Through here you can find houses or complete apartments where you can stay with family or friends. This is another good option to be able to be in the heart of the city or in the heart of Albaicín, Realejo … and to find possibly cheaper prices.
  • Lodges: In Granada center you will also find many lodges where you can stay at an affordable price with basic services if what you are interested in is being located near the main tourist attractions, spending a lot of time on the street and paying a lower price for accommodation. .
  • Cave House: In addition to the types of standard accommodation that you can find in any city, in Granada there are also the peculiar Cave Houses. You can find these especially in the Sacromonte neighborhood, where there are also tourist Cave Houses to visit. In addition, it is a suitable accommodation option for all those who want to pamper themselves and there are even luxury Cave Houses, which always maintain the essence and have incredible views of the Alhambra and the city. In some places in the province of Granada it is also common to find this type of accommodation, especially in Guadix.
  • Rural house: If in addition to visiting the city, you are looking for contact with nature, the option of sleeping in a rural house in Granada is also possible. Not right in the city but very close to it, perhaps through the neighboring towns, such as the municipality of Monachil, you can find rural houses with all kinds of services, good connection with the city center and the main places of interest, in addition of good connection with places and great trails to spend a few days of relaxation.

For its part, Granada capital is not a city where you can find tourist complexes as you might find in coastal areas, for example.
When it comes to knowing where to sleep in Granada, you will also have to filter by accommodation services.
In Granada it is essential that the accommodation has parking, as parking is usually scarce, especially in the most touristy places.
It is also ideal that if you travel in summer, you find accommodation with a pool.
And as for the type of pension, we recommend that you leave at least one of the meals free to go out to eat, be it tapas or portions, dishes … because Granada is a city where you eat very well and cheaply.

And how much does it cost to stay in Granada?

As is normal, there is a wide range of accommodation possibilities and therefore, price possibilities.
In addition to the type of accommodation, the price can also vary according to the time of year in which you stay, since it is not the same to book a hotel on a weekend in February or November than to do it on the Puente de la Constitución or at Easter. .
But in general terms, the average price of the night in Granada is around € 50, being July and August, contrary to what usually happens in other cities, two of the cheapest months and June and December the most expensive.
As for the days of the week, and as usual, booking to enter on a Friday can be up to € 20 more expensive than booking to enter on a Monday.
However, you can surely find hostels or pensions for € 30 a night or luxury Cave Houses or 5-star hotels for € 200 a night.

Hotels in the center of Granada

The center of Granada is full of tourist accommodation and it will not cost you to find the one that best suits your budget and tastes. What we do recommend is to book in advance to have more options to choose from.
It is not difficult to find a range of pensions and hostels in the middle of the most crowded streets of the city and within reach of the most touristy and frequented places, but you can also find 3, 4 and 5-star hotels (although there are fewer of the latter) , hotels located in historic buildings, youth guest houses or tourist rental apartments.
What we also advise you is that to stay in the center of Granada it is almost essential to book an accommodation that has private parking or with some discount in public parking lots, because in this area it is very difficult to find parking as it is narrow, cobbled streets, blue zone …
Remember that in many of these hotels in Granada center with parking, they will have to give you permission to circulate through some of the streets with traffic restrictions, otherwise you could receive your fine later.
As for the price, you can find a great variety depending on the time of year, day of the week and type of accommodation, but it is possible to book cheap hotels in Granada center from about € 30 or to book hotels for € 70 and € 80 the night.

Accommodation with views of the Alhambra

If what you are looking for are charming hotels in Granada, we have good news for you … Granada is full of charming accommodations! Especially when it comes to hotels with views of the Alhambra.
Most of these accommodations are located in the Albaicín neighborhood and hotels near the Alhambra, and are undoubtedly a great choice for trips as a couple and for a romantic getaway.
Do you already know where to sleep in Granada? Do not hesitate to compare prices and services and choose the accommodation that best suits your needs.

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